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Fragmented, not frozen – the Norwegian overnight interbank market after the Lehman failure

Av Q. Farooq Akram, Mats B. Fevolden og Lyndsie Smith, avdeling for Markeder og IKT og avdeling for finansiell stabilitet, Norges Bank.

Qaisar-Farooq-Akram-NB-11867Mats-Bay-Fevolden-NB-11936 (2)Lyndsie

The perception of a markets-wide cessation of interbank lending in the immediate aftermath of the Lehman bankruptcy seems to be widely shared. We do not find evidence of such a “freeze” of the Norwegian overnight interbank market following the Lehman failure. Our evidence rather suggests a “fragmentation” of the interbank market with medium-sized banks paying much higher interest rates on their overnight interbank borrowing than large banks. Moreover, while large banks increased their overnight interbank borrowing, medium-sized banks effectively withdrew from the market as borrowers. Continue reading